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Thursday, October 27, 2005

My Hero Mr. Clark

Copyright 2005 Robert Lindsay Nathan

If a genie jumped from a bottle
To grant me just one wish
I wouldn’t ask for material things
Or anything so foolish

I would not ask for a million bucks
Or a hedonistic lark
I’d only ask for a circle of song
With my hero Mr. Clark


Listen to a couple of his
And maybe play a couple of mine
And ask him what he thought of my verse
And it’s meter and it’s rhyme

And wind it all up with Amazing Grace
At a designated time
Or maybe a verse of Mama’s Smile
Would make the evening so fine


I can see them all so clear
The people and places that he holds so dear
This troubadour made his mark
My hero Mr. Clark


Play it for me one more time
About the old gray cat in the hall
Or Texas 1947
And that diesel cannonball

I’m never too old for Coat from the Cold
I love the song you call The Dark
Play it all just one more time
My hero Mr. Clark


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