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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Girl from the South

Copyright 2004 James Mahoney & Robert Nathan

She had a Southern slack jaw
She had a long Texas drawl
She was close to my type
There was no, pretense or hype.
So we hit it off
And we hit it on
I found her by my side
When the moon slept at dawn

Chorus (follows each verse):

Oh, a Girl from the South
I love those Girls from the South
Just gimme a Girl from the south

Now I could go on
And I could go off
She won’t egg me on
She won’t beg or boss
She’ll just leg me on
As we turn and we toss
You slow talkin' girl
With that back slidin' drawl

She was a slow talking girl
She was a gem from the south
And her drawl was a pearl
That slid from her mouth
And the drawl was so slow
That time stood quite still
With no where to go
And flat out of will

I’ll show you the way
Where the bonnie belles play
Maybe you’ll find one
With a Southern slack jaw
And a long Texas drawl
And maybe you won’t
So try not to bawl
If even you don’t

Find a slow talkin' girl
With a back slidin' drawl
She’ll make you beg,
She’ll make you crawl
And her drawl will be so slow
That you’ll stand quite still
With no where to go
You’ll be, flat out of will


Gotta have a girl
Gotta love a girl
Wanna squeeze a girl
Gotta tease a girl
Wanna please a girl
Oh, I need a girl
Have you told that girl, ya
Just wanna hold that girl?

And - you - love - her - so.......


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