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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Old Man and the Sky

Copyright March 2003: Cross, Nathan, Mahoney, Wakeland

A wrinkled wink from the steel blue eye
Of an old man as he stumbled by
Broke the heart of a clear blue sky
And as tears rain down, I wondered why.

I was still seeking shining steel of pink
With one good eye and a broken blink,
I scavenged the faces for the wrinkled wink,
And the nod that only old men think.

Another daybreak and the skyline wrinkles
With a broken promise, and some icy sprinkles
As the pink ray of a new day, lo
Becomes the steel of the caged rainbow.

No stare or care, I rambled on by
But that old man blinked, and so did I
Well, it seems we see somewhat eye to eye
And that’s the answer to my why


Why indeed does the steely heart bleed
On what moldy bread does our love feed
For all that man knows young & old
In the end we’re freed to the ground so cold

Yet still with the knowing of an aged smile
Comes the wrinkled wink of the steel blue eye
One good eye and a broken blink
The nod that only old men think

Repeat 1st


Repeat 1st and fade


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