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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

West Wind

Copyright 1997 Robert Darby and Robert Nathan

Took a walk on the wild side - past a railroad track.
With nothing left to say or do.
On the south end of a side street - I turn to look back
Hoping to get a glimpse of you.
But somewhere in the shadows - I hear a whistle blow
Sounds like its calling your name.
But it's only a mirage - of a vanishing train
Yet, my heart still feels the same.

West wind leaving
Tell me where you gonna go?
My hearts grieving cause I'll miss you so.
Load up my heart - packed with memories of you
West wind leaving
You know, I'll miss you so

As the train starts rollin - I'm shedding a tear.
For the luggage you left behind
On a cold winter's night - below a fog diffused light
A blistered leather bag waits for you
And on your way back - you came past these tracks.
But now all the luggage looks the same
That old cruel west wind - continues to blow.
And I hear it calling your name.


West Wind a blowin
Like a tumbleweed rollin
And thoughts of you fumblin in my brain
The instant of knowing
Is a seed that starts growin
From fantasies fallen like rain


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