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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Calico Heart (Martha's Song)

Copyright 2007: Robert Lindsay Nathan, Jr.

Two stones that you gave me
Will they save or enslave me?
What do they symbolize?
Are they tears behind eyes?

Two stones that you gave me
Will the weight of them stay me?
Should I carry them light?
Like two torches at night?

To frighten away
All the sins we hold tight
Never knowing can‘t empathize
With tears behind eyes.


I know it’s not near enough
To earn your soft and tender touch
But maybe for now, bear with me a while
It’s as much as my calico heart will allow

Keep it locked away safe
Like the face of the stones
Nothing gets in
Only cold from alone

I speak only the truth
Of the flowers of youth
My gem is now dust
It’s sparkle now rust

As this poetry pains me
Your “slipper” sustains me
So here’s one more try
I’ll aim to explain me.



Tell me how it is done
Melding two into one
Like the heart made of stone
In the song sung by Joan?



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