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Friday, June 15, 2007

Songsmiths and Poets

Here’s to the songwriters
Bless their lovin’ hearts
Getting’ stomped on and broken
Truly torn all apart


Songsmiths all
Forging their wares
Songsmiths call
So much to share
Songsmiths and poets
Lived it then wrote it
We’d never have known it
Save the songsmiths and poets

Here’s to the balladeers
Bless their lovin’ hearts
Spinning stories to tell
Weaving their art



So here’s to the writers, of songs for our tears
Poets and songsmiths, and lone balladeers
Setting our hearts free, releasing our fears
Here’s to those musicians, bending our ears

Here’s to the troubadours
Bless their lovin’ hearts
Travelin’ and traipsing
Living lives apart.


We’d never have known it
Save the songsmiths and poets....


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