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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Second Hand Lions

Copyright 2006 - Robert Lindsay Nathan and James Mahoney

You know I'm gonna come around
When I’m really cranky and old
Looking for a drunken old night
Where memories unfold

Of remember whens and remember thems
Of mistaken mistakes and unfettered sins.
Tales of stuff we might never had done
Places we went and had so much fun

Where pot bellied pickers
And sharp city slickers
On wooden dance floors
Worn out by shit kickers

Find gals in tight pants
And guys getting’ tight
They all wind up rantin'
Late into the night

Tellin’ tales of tall Texans
These tall tastes of Texas
Livin’ crazy things done
And some just begun

Soon to be Second Hand Lions
They'll be reminiscing
About their second hand dreams
And the youth that they're missin'

Ahh… Second Hand Lions
Playin’ fouty-two and moon
As their dominos all shuffle
In a game that’s ending all too soon

And with a little luck,
On the tailgate of a pick-up truck,
Parked backed to a fire in camp
We’ll lay one down that's dark and damp.

With a melody that's sweet and pale
Driftin’ through the air like scented ale
That warms the soul and sooths the flesh
With wicked words so cool and fresh.

About unrealized dreams
And old unhatched schemes
We’re too proud to live
And too poor to die.

So we gotta unite
And stay up all night
Lay it all down,
Then pick it back up

Like a rusty old pickup truck
We’ll never get stuck
We'll know how to go
With a load of rhythm and blues in tow

Chuggin' down the road
That we call yesterday,
Tomorrow my friend
We'll play those surly songs again

About us, Second Hand Lions
Playin’ fouty-two and moon
As our dominos all shuffle
In a game that’s ending all too soon

Past Venues

The Forge - Bandera, Texas
Jet Farms - Tarpley, Texas
Quiet Valley Ranch - Kerrville, Texas
Maple Leaf Lodge - Townsend, Tennessee
The Enclave - Austin, Texas
Rico's - Pullman, Washington
SRQ Sports Bar - Houston, Texas
Vagabond's - Little Rock, Arkansas
Landry's - Little Rock, Arkansas
Howl at the Moon Stables - Franklin, Tennessee
The Beach Bar - Bradenton, Florida
The Bridge Restaurant - Florence, Alabama
Cajun's Restaurant - Sheffield, Alabama
Maranatha - Guntersville, Alabama
Parrot Head - Pleasure Island, Texas
Hartz's General Mercantile Store - Nacogdoches, Texas
Front Porch - College Station, Texas
The Basement - College Station, Texas
Toby's Deck - Lake Norrel, Arkansas
White's Lock and Dam Picnic - Jefferson, Arkansas
Arkey Blue's - Bandera, Texas
JP Hop's House - Houston, Texas
The Egyptian, Tea Room - San Diego, California
Hot Monkey Love Cafe - San Diego, California
Old Town Tavern - Vincennes, Indiana